SEO Website Copy

Flowers? Pah! Who needs them when you can woo your target audience with wonderful website copy

Anyone can bash out a few sentences on a page. Heck, they might even read well.

But as any knowledgeable web copywriter can attest, there’s far more to copywriting than great grammar, perfect punctuation and fabulous flow.

Effective SEO copywriting requires a high level of research – and not only into your brand, products and services.

We also have to delve deep into the minds of your target audience, unveiling their deepest fears, dreams and desires.

Only once we have a comprehensive understanding of their feelings and intentions do we connect the dots back to your business.

Purpose-driven copywriting is a very powerful tool​

You'll Love

  • How thumb-stoppingly different your copy is to everything else out there in the market
  • My ability to find the story behind the story 
  • How I make even the dullest subject matter sparkle
  • My passion and enthusiasm for your business – it shines through every word

Need some proof?

Check out this case study 


Website copy which ticks all the boxes

Financial planner Justin Hooper was in a frustrating predicament.

When it came to his website, the last thing he wanted was for his unique, lifestyle-led philosophy to be lost in a sea of tedious financial jargon. But at the same time, he didn’t want some wishy-washy word salad either. 

“My industry can focus heavily on the numbers, but I wanted my website copy to have more of a personal element to it. I wanted a website that showed I can do the numbers, but I focused on the client, their life and the story behind those numbers.”

The copy had to be written with precision. It needed to capture the essence of Justin’s methodology whilst simultaneously cementing his status as a skilled and experienced financial tactician. It had to be succinct but detailed enough to engage a wide range of potential clients. 

Justin knew it was a delicate balance to strike. Although he didn’t have the technical writing expertise necessary to make all this happen, he was determined to find someone who did.

“I wanted something better than I could write myself. Something that would show me in a different light to my competitors and validate the message I’m trying to get across to the market clearly and concisely.”


A journalist turned copywriter who
thinks outside  the box

Keeley Henderson from Honey Bee Media was highly recommended to Justin by a Melbourne marketing agency. 

Keeley had worked as a journalist for 20 years before turning her hand to copywriting. Her award-winning work was published globally, so she knew how to tell a good story and capture people’s attention with words.

But Justin was torn – and with good reason.

Another copywriter had caught his eye, someone who’d written for his particular niche before and knew it well. They seemed like the sensible choice. But something was holding Justin back.

“Yes, they’d already worked in this space and understood what I wanted. But I felt they didn’t listen to me. They had a preconceived idea of what they wanted the copy to look like and it didn’t align with my own ideas.”

Conversely, Keeley listened to Justin intently and had a genuine interest in his work. She asked lots of questions to gain a deep understanding of his USP and used her journalism experience to develop some interesting, relevant, outside the box ideas. Justin was impressed.

“Keeley was able to draw on different areas of her expertise. She suggested using interesting facts and figures about the impact superannuation has on people’s day-to-day lives rather than just reproducing generic statements about investing. Keeley was always thinking outside the square of how to make the copy better and different.”

Justin was excited by Keeley’s approach and engaged her to write his website copy. 

He filled out a detailed brief to give Keeley a deep understanding of his target market and business goals. Then, after Keeley spent time researching Justin’s business, there was a phone interview. 


Compelling copy that converts

“The copy exceeded all my expectations. Keeley understood my very specific brief and
absolutely nailed it. It was so different to everything else out there.”

Justin was delighted with the first draft of his website copy, but his legal department also needed to sign it off.

This wasn’t a problem for Keeley. Having worked on some of Australia’s biggest-selling magazines, she’s experienced in collaborating with lawyers to ensure her work is legally compliant.

After a couple of minor tweaks, the copy was given the green light. Keeley sent the final version to a professional proofreader for one last check before signing over the copyright to Justin.

“I couldn’t be happier with the copy. It allowed me to do Google AdWords and online marketing earlier than I anticipated because it’s such a different offering to what’s out in the market. It enabled me to accelerate my business quicker and convert more people to clients. I will use Keeley for all my copywriting needs going forward because I know she is really good at what she does and can execute any brief.”

Are you ready to convert more leads?

At Honey Bee Media, we don’t believe one size fits all. We listen to you carefully to gain a fundamental understanding of what makes your business special.