Need SEO friendly articles and blogs? 

Brand journalism is a powerful way to connect with customers. But get it wrong and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the headlines. 

It’s not enough to be clever, engaging and insightful. Your content also has to clearly differentiate conjecture from fact.  

As a classically trained print journalist, I base my research on trusted sources of information. This saves your organisation time, trouble and a whole heap of unnecessary embarrassment.

Crafting trustworthy, reliable, engaging content – that doesn’t read like sales copy – takes skill.

Having worked as a journalist for two decades, I’ve got the interviewing, researching, writing and editing expertise you need to produce it.

Whether you’re looking to build authority, maintain your position as an industry leader or generate more leads, quality brand journalism can be an effective tool. Let me help you do it right.

You'll Love

  • Knowing your content is in the hands of an experienced, award-winning journalist
  • The high-quality editorial copy I write
  • My ability to unearth compelling new angles
  • How I come up with clever ways to followup big breaking news stories 
  • My ability to put even the most hesitant interviewee at ease  

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