Press Releases

Most press releases get filed straight in the bin.

But as a former news editor, I know all the tips and tricks to get you noticed

When it comes to brand authority, earned media reigns supreme. But achieving it isn’t easy – and rightly so.

When I was working as a journo, my inbox would ping hundreds of times a week with poorly written, completely irrelevant press releases.

They were the scourge of my day and most of them would be filed in the bin within two seconds flat.


Newsrooms are chronically overstretched and important deadlines are always looming. 

I didn’t have time to read some drivel about a meteoric rise in car sales when my focus was on human interest stories.

There’s no such thing as guaranteed publication. But engaging a skilled, experienced journalist who understands the cycle of news can give you a huge head start. 

You'll Love

  • Knowing your content is in the hands of an experienced, award-winning journalist
  • The high-quality editorial copy I write
  • My ability to unearth compelling new angles
  • How I come up with clever ways to follow up big breaking news stories 
  • My ability to put even the most hesitant interviewee at ease  

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Want to create a buzz around your business?  Find out how my award-winning journalism experience can help you get noticed.