The skill of storytelling

Imagine the scene: A friend tells you the ‘funniest thing happened today’ only to launch into an excruciating, blow-by-blow account of the most boring story you’ve heard all week.

Unable to bear it, your mind wanders until you’re suddenly snapped back to reality by the dreaded words: “Are you actually listening?”

An awkward situation indeed.. But we’ve all been there, right?

We tend to lead very busy lives these days. We don’t have the time – or the energy – to read something or listen to a story that doesn’t engage us.

Although anybody who can bash out a few paragraphs on a keyboard can call themselves a writer, communication is an art and unless it’s used effectively the message is lost and our audience is gone.

A highly skilled, professional copywriter knows exactly how to capture the reader’s interest from beginning to end, leaving them champing at the bit to find out more about your business.

As Winston Churchill one said: “The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.”

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